APRIL 2020

Teil 2 des Interviews mit mir, geführt von Thomas Bachmann, HEP CAT CLUB. Die Live-Aufnahmen stammen aus dem Stream der Club und Kulturkommission vom 10. April 2020.

Mal was anderes: ein Interview mit mir und Thomas Bachmann, HEP CAT CLUB.

MARCH 2018

J.S. Bach ‚Komm, süßer Tod‘. Mirjam Frank – Mezzo. J.P. Gampl – Piano.


The Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices at the Colburn School. International Symposium ‚How should we perform the troubled past?‘ – lecture recitals, talks and concert. In this excerpt, Mirjam Frank and Tali Tadmor perform Gideon Klein’s ‚Lullaby‘, composed in Terezín in 1942.


This is a summary of my own programme, Monodrama – Hommage à Cathy Berberian that I compiled for the Waverly Project, a new music project at NYU, New York City. All of the pieces performed were part of Berberian’s core repertory. Cathy Berberian was the wife of composer Luciano Berio and one of the finest interpreters of both old and new music. Pieces include John Cage Aria, Cathy Berberian Stripsody and two excerpts from Monteverdi L’Incoronazione di Poppea (Ottavia).

MAY 2013

Kurt Weill „Der Abschiedsbrief“